Monday, July 6, 2009

Ecstatically full of Glee...Gum

I love Glee Gum, so naturally it was the first sample I broke into, although I wasn't really sampling it, since I already am a Glee Gum addict! Everyone lately has been so crazed with making everything sugar-free that for a long time I've had to give up my gum chewing addiction.
Now I by no means advocate excess sugar in the diet, but do you really want to be ingesting acesulfame k, which may be carcinogenic or splenda, which was found in a lab while trying to create a pesticide? I surely don't want that in my body! 2 pieces of Glee Gum only have 5 calories and 2 grams of sugar, nothing to put yourself in a tizzy over if you follow a healthy diet.

So far I've tried the triple berry, bubblegum and tangerine flavors of glee. All three flavors have really strong, natural flavors, and the gum is perfectly chewy, not to hard that you'll break your teeth, or so stringy that it falls apart and gets all caught in your throat. The only major downer about the gum is that the flavor doesn't last long enough. :( I guess that's the price you pay when you don't use scary chemicals to create your product.

The best part about the glee company, which you can find much more information about on their website ( is that they are all about using sustainable means to harvest the chicle in the rainforests where they source their gum. The company helps promote economic justice and environmental sustainability. Anyone who puts that much heart into producing gum definitely has my vote!