Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fancy Food Show 2009....Yum-O!

This week I had the incredible opportunity to attend the NYC 2009 Fancy Food show. I was so ignited by my passion for the gourmet and natural food products that I decided I had to start a blog as a way to spread the word about all my favorite foods! I am a holistic health counselor and finishing a nutrition degree and I stick mainly to whole, natural foods, but I've come to learn lately that life just isn't fun when you can't have that occasional, sinfully decadent (gluten/dairy free, in my case) brownie or a scoopful of lucious, creamy coconut milk ice cream. As comedian Jason Love says " I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert." I also realized I am addicted to all kind's of bars and peanut butters as I knew every company from their first products. Even the creator's were amazed. I think I have I see a food marketing career in my future ;)

The highlight of my days there was getting to finally meet Justin of Justin's Nut Butter! He really does look like his cartoon! Aside from being the nut butter guru, he's also tall, adorable and oh so sweet! I was one lucky girl when he let me sample three new flavors that are coming out in fall. There was Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Almond Butter(Justin's Favorite) and my favorite Chocolate Hazelnut Butter! Nutella's got nothing on this stuff! Let me tell you, it was decadent! The best part is it's all natural and vegan, so you don't have to worry about having that extra spoonful! When fall comes I urge you all to run out and buy it, because this stuff is what foodie's dreams are made of. Here are some pics of all the loot I smuggled out...(you weren't allowed to take samples out of the building, but a little wink at the security guard seemed to do the trick =0P ) I'm so excited because I have some great stuff to review like all new larabar flavors, new peanut butters, tea's, chocolates and more. So stay tuned and see what new product I review first!